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Adaptive Algae

Part 2 Project 2011
Gregg Fryman
Leeds Beckett University | UK
Complex Adaptive Systems + generation of form through data

Adaptive Algae is the purging of cracked empty urban fabric and re-programming of a sub energy network for an inner city community. Adaptive Algae is generated via a modified L-System plant growth algorithm, which responds to a contextual input of data [proton concentration from the Sun], which promotes growth through generating [vectoring] a highly efficient mesh for the flow of hydrogen producing algae within the energy cycle.

A sub-energy network will aim to stabilise economic and resource cycles in Hunslet, an inner city suburb of Leeds. This passive closed loop energy sub-system will give smaller communities, added robustness from volatile global fluctuations. Adaptive Algae is a visual and physical re-connection between people and their energy source. A replenishment of ownership will result and the re-balancing of a symbiotic relationship between resource, society and economic system.

This mesh is then inhabited by capsules of user based interactions. Skill and knowledge are shared and society is reconnected to their supply, ownership is transferred. The users are placed within the ‘algae nest’ to allow them to learn within the system.

Gregg Fryman


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