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"The Royal Meus", 2011

Part 2 Project 2011
Rikard Jaucis
Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway
The project aims to discuss the challenges concerning the Royal Treasury.

To my knowledge the collection is estimated to contain more than 100 000 artifacts including jewellery, cars, textiles, horse carriages, paintings, photography and everything in between. The artifacts are currently situated in bunkers around Oslo and some of them are sadly in very bad
condition. Until today the Royal Family and the government hasn’t been able to agree upon how to restore the objects, where to put it, and who is responsible for what.

Therefore this project wanted to highlight the problem by designing a place for restoration,storage and exhibiting this enormous collection, giving people the opportunity to study avaluable part of Norwegian and Nordic heritage.

The project is situated in the Royal Park, right next to the castle. By doing so the collection is close to its historic context, it is close to the Royal Administration and it will be a natural museum and information node in a postmonarkistic scenario as well as today.

The projects intention is to converge architecture and landscape and program a vulnerable and solemn park in the middle of Oslo. You are able to move through and around the building, both on the inside and through the park.

The architecture receives artifacts on ground level. Here it is categorized depending on the objects material. Then it is either brought to storage or laboratories to be restored to its former glory. The restaurateurs and curators have access to these floors, but there is also a public
walkway that allows visitors to follow the life of the treasury.

The first level is used for displaying the valuable heritage and the third is used for educational purposes.

I have also chosen to use the old royal stables to provide access to Linstows great classical architecture, in which you seldom have the opportunity to see. The stables also provide entrance to the museum, a cafe and restaurant and houses the grand hall exhibiting the horse carriages
and motorized vehicles.

Rikard Jaucis


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