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Spatially Constructing through Associative Sketching: the Development of a Spatial Vocabularium

Part 2 Project 2011
AlyséE Stevens
WENK Sint Lucas Brussels BRUSSELS Belgium
For the design studio ‘Calibrating Lab’, we had to choose our own subject. They advised us to choose something that we had a personal interest in.

I chose sketching. During the 5 years of my architectural training, it has always been a tool for me. Not always in the same amount or in the same way, but it was always there. As a tool to visualise the constructions I was designing or as a tool to try and find

inspiration. But why is it so important to me? What inner dialogue is going on when the pen translates thoughts onto paper? After some searching, the first issues started to take shape.

“The sketch gives information and the sketch is a spatial construction.”

Within the first weeks, it became clear that the only way to continue this research, was to keep sketching.

Starting from questioning my designing methods, the research tended quickly to the question “SKETCHING = DESIGNING?” Ideas were always conceived spatially through sketching, to capture the space, to develop feelings about the space.

What is the role of associative sketching when spatially constructing? What is its importance when creating new elements which can be used when conceiving a spatial vocabularium? New elements that are revealed while sketching are taken in, are researched. The goal of this process is the (re)development of spaces, the challenging and redefining of the own designing methods.

AlyséE Stevens

Prof Nel Janssens

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