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A Molten Productive Landscape. A cutlers forge, Smithfield, Dublin

Part 2 Project 2011
ConchúIr ó HáRgáIn
Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland
A Cutlers, Smithfield, Dublin
There is a morphology of space and material, as the charcoal and
pig iron transform into molten steel. The space will focus itself on
the intense movement of the molten steel. Soot will create a layer
of process on every material. Smoke will fill the depth of the roof.
Steam will fill the space, as the molten steel is tempered in water.
The condensation from the tempering baths will signify the steels
readiness to be refined.
A graded attrition of stone, water, and metal, reveals the soul of
the blade.
A burnished and honed instrument.
A timber stock is chosen to mediate the precision of blade and
Necessity becomes tradition.Tradition becomes culture.
The productive landscape is a grouping of material. These
materials are accumulators of time. Each act is recorded and
stored. Within the worked landscape, transubstantiation is
omitted. Instead the landscape embraces a biological model of
regeneration. In order to preserve life, forms are generated and
regenerate isomorphically, through necessity. The landscapes
forms are mercurial to the point that they are vested in the
process which they house. The landscape seems to retain
impermanent elements, and contrast them with seemingly
permanent ones. It is the shared will of the landscape and its
architectonic language to embody permanence. The ceremony of
layering a landscape is cyclical. The beginning is never lost but
repeated with each layer of process. This permanence of process
repels the blind progress of history in order to preserve an
identity over time. It is from these fields of necessity that a culture
will be bourn. The productive landscape is the material from which
culture is made, however it is within the skills and traditions of the
maker that the culture lies. Each seasonal, or generational
working of the landscape is the repetition of a beginning compelled
to repeat itself. We are forever being lured toward whatever may
be lurking in a beginning. A pealing of time, a making of identity, A
search for place. A permanence of process.

ConchúIr ó HáRgáIn


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