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Blyth: Pyrolytic Power Plant

Part 2 Project 2011
Jonathan Flavin
Northumbria University, UK
Blyth’s Motto “We Live by Industry”

The downturn in heavy industry in Blyth has left a legacy of social exclusion; educational underachievement and third generation unemployment with large tracts of land disused and polluted. The remaining commercial activity at Blyth port employs more Dutch than local people.

The need to secure the UK’s native energy supply is a key theme to Government energy policy as the UK’s indigenous energy production declines. The UK policy is to provide energy security through diversity in sources of energy, suppliers, and supply routes.

The creation of a network of small power plants moves energy generation closer to the point of use for efficiency and steps away from the dependencies on a single fuel source typified by large national infrastructure.

The project proposes a local power station integrating infrastructure benefiting the local community.

The proposal processes domestic waste, and locally grown energy crops, and converts this through thermal processing [Pyrolysis] to liquid bio-fuels that can be used in the production of energy and usable by-products. Integrating “green” technologies into the townscape promotes a positive image of Blyth at the forefront of renewable energy technologies nationally.

Effective land utilisation facilitates economic growth with landscape remediation of large areas of brown field sites for food production and energy crops allowing dormant, unproductive land to become an asset.

Jonathan Flavin

Mr Paul Jones
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