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Civil Registry Office under the heading of “Room to Manoeuvre”

Part 2 Project 2011
Edin Gicevic
University College Dublin, Ireland
Investigating existing rooms in the Dublin city as a point of departure for analysing spatial relationships and the experience of space through progression. The idea of the building a clockwork of user’s experience of space.

The programme is a series of civil registry rooms and offices within an existing building in Dublin city.
A building of national significance, the City Assembly, a Grade I
protected structure, is dominated by a top lit octagonal room and supported by a
distinct series of Georgian rooms to the street. Working with the idea of procession
and the ritual of the ceremony, the intervention tries to create an intricate and spatially complex world,
a sequence that would undoubtedly make an indelible imprint on the spatial
memories of those using the building on one of the most memorable days of their
lives. The lucid reworking of the building, although strong and assertive in
such a context, manages to make singular experience out of
a set of disparate and individual rooms.

Edin Gicevic


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