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Part 1 Project 2011
Miguel Oliveira
Ulster University Belfast UK
The Art Forum proposes a venue that will become a hub for northern artists to showcase their work to a wider audience.

The architectural ambitions for this building grew from a study of existing urban conditions on this neglected corner of Dublin’s capital and included reference to master planning proposals already undertaken by McCullough Mulvin Architects. The result is a building that ‘plugs-in’ to its urban context, enhancing opportunities to engage with aspects of the physical and intangible heritage of the site and city. Social considerations, material pallet, scale and were key considerations when integrating the new programme with the surrounding context.

The site is located along the old Dublin city wall at what was once the Pool Gate entrance to the city. This area is rich with history and culture of past times and present. It is near the artistic hub that is Temple Bar and neighbouring the Dublin Castle. An area rich in heritage with a mixture of architectural styles, periods and materials. All these relations made this site a prime host for such a building.

The programme arrangement creates a rising spiral of increasingly private spaces around a central open space that is dissected at ground level by a public pathway. This simple device temporarily transforms the urban experience and offers an intimate and shifting engagement with the internal life of the building whilst allowing a strong urban form in response to context.

The vision for this project was to create a hub that would provide a link between Belfast and Dublin in all matters art related; a place to practice, teach and experience art in all its forms. The building is aimed at providing spaces that could be used as an artistic ‘melting pot’ that would contribute to the development and exposure of Irish artists and their work. This artistic hub would also help in regenerating links and relations between north and south of Ireland and boost the cultural development within the island.

In summary, a building to unite an island, promote culture and celebrate the heritage of a city by reinstating and celebrating its origins.

Miguel Oliveira

Mr Mike McQueen
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