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Part 2 Project 2011
Benjamin Campos
University of Chile Santiago Chile
The first approaches to the project need it to be from the perspective of territorial points of view. This condition obligates a reflexive observation on the urban development and its relationship with the surrounding landscape. In this particular case the area of observation involves different subjects such as the stability of the native forests near urban emplacements, natural heritage areas that are not valued by the urban configuration and the lack of contemporary public spaces related to this areas.

The architecture project, THE NATURE AND INFORMATION CENTER starts within these themes as a part of several strategic intervention points through the foothill of “Cerro Ñielol”. The whole system pretends to reverse the condition of the actual underutilized and interstitial spaces that are potentially dangerous and contaminated to a more public and cultural areas that serve not only to the urban zone but also as a complement of the Natural reserve´s use.

The first’s decisions for the project attended to minimize the perceptual impact for the surroundings. It was more important to clean the space free from any construction than to make the building appear in between of the natural and urban zones. Another important aspect was to not only define the architecture of the nature center but also create an atmosphere related to the proximity with the Native natural reserve.

Benjamin Campos

Jorge Iglesis Guillard
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