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The Organic Grid : Fu Shin Market extension + Gallery

Part 1 Project 2011
Chong Yan Li
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
This studio project aims at setting up a proposition of possible contextual response of a site, and of a city.

The new market extension on a narrow site next to the ancient Fu Shin Market Street established in Qing Dynasty (1890s) bear the responsibility of maintaining the history alive. At the time massive governmental market blocks are no longer be the replacements of vivid market streets, organic gird would be a solution for the market to sustain.

To extend the market journey and enrich the daily experience, the new market was expanded from linear to scattered in an orderly manner. Adopting the ecology of “City as Market”, market clusters can grow as sponge and expanded in any directions. Consequently, the market will compose like a maze without the outermost walls which welcoming people from all-over the city.

Joining with a secondary program: Gallery (required by project’s brief) on top of the market provides the sheltering function as folkway-canvas. By the same time it sets the boundary and form of the gallery-market module as a whole. The common courtyard between the module clusters united not only the buyers and sellers but also the city and the architecture itself. It provides a theatre for citizen where displaying the life and vitality of a city, which in fact shown in the market itself.

With referencing to the bazaar markets in middle-east regions, the maze-like market extension provides infinity routes for people. In the meanwhile, the proposal keeps a clear circulation but interactive dialogue for two different programmes within the coherent plans. The ground floor plan suggested minimal construction which allows expansion but keeping the softscape untouched, thus adapting various contexts in the city. While the upper floor plan composed an elevated street-network, connecting the future city’s pattern.

In short, you are suggested to imagine the journey and killing time in it.

Chong Yan Li

Mr Tsang-Chi Yuet
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