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London Loop: Moments along a journey. Adaptive Intersection

Part 1 Project 2011
Joanna Pawlas
University of East London, UK
The site is located along the London loop section and is part of the nature reserve,
including: Rainham, Wenington and Aveley Marshes. In order to bring its former glory, the
site that has preserved much of the original medieval landform and marshland wildlife
requires an action plan to restore these 8 hectares of grazing marsh.
On the other hand, the predictions are that the sea level will rise in the South East by 60 -
120cm over the next 100 years demonstrates the potential for climate change to impact on
the Tidial Thames and its existing flood defences.
Adaptive intersection is a proposal that works on the dynamic axis from now on to the
future. This intervention as an extension of the nature articulates the experience of
“Architecture is essentially an extension of nature into the man-made realm, providing the
ground for perception and the horizon of experiencing and understanding the world.”
(Juhani Pallasmaa –The Eyes Of The Skin)
This proposal introduces new infrastructure across the nature reserve, making it accessible
and intersecting with the landscape. The series of towers, moments along the journey, are set
in the grid of the existing drainage system. The buildings accommodate the marshland
management; scientists’ labs and visitors’ centre. Although the purposes of the towers are
envisaged to adapt to the changing needs.
The towers speculate on the future of the area. Nostalgically, they are marking the extent of
nature reserve and echo the lost land. The buildings act as self-sufficient sensors, gathering
energy through tidal changes, purifying the Thames water for drinking purposes and
neutralising the sewage via natural filtration. The towers become the only vertical elements
in the flooded landscape preserving the memory of the medieval landform.

Joanna Pawlas

Mr Gareth Morris
Miss Ulrike Steven
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