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Vertigo – Hall of Light

Part 2 Project 2011
Daniel Dias
American University of Sharjah Sharjah UAE
“Vertigo - Hall of Light”
The project works under two dynamic systems. Sunlight and water tide. Both of these variables as they shape/create space in a given medium also complement the dynamic nature of its program - a vertical dance hall. The dynamics of nature (oblique sunlight and water tide) are choreographed as a theater for performances and crowd gatherings carved in a hilly site, providing seascape surveillance, play of light and privileged views. Strategically located on the Omani coast close to the Hormuz straight, the structure is more than just a theater for performing art but a visual statement in the region as well.

During the day, the spaces within the structure are lit by strong rays of sunlight penetrating and almost cutting through the spaces. Visitors experience the movement of the sun through these carved spaces, acting as sundials.

The play of light piercing through these carved spaces, along with the tide from the Gulf washing against the structure are the choreographed variables that are intended to evoke movement and dynamism in the structure.

Daniel Dias


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