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Medical Hub for the Third Gender

Part 1 Project 2011
Yong Wee Dannie Seow
National University of Singapore Singapore
The Third Gender

There are criminals who chose to break the law but were forgiven and accepted by the society. Yet there are people who do not have a choice and were born with a disorder, a situation that they are force to shoulder upon and unable to resolve. Growing up with the wrong body is a major problem; their bodies are incongruent with their spirits. Although Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) could allow patients to change their gender, it is a lengthy process with patients spending up to 20 years to complete their transition. The majority faces gradual transition and people around them are unable to accept the difference in their gender. Hence it is a common phenomenon that they face psychological and physical injury as well as discrimination by the society.

The Site

Although located at the city centre, the site is hidden behind the back alleys that was created by the surrounding buildings without a prominent presence; a total contrast to the surrounding urban fabric with lush growth of foliage and quietness.

The Medical Centre

The architectural strategy of The Medical Centre capitalizes on the quality of the site that allows patients who have undergone SRS to slide in and out of the compound and seeks to encourage social interaction between patients and integration with the public. The design strategies respond to the needs of the patients on the physical and psychological aspects through concealing and revealing where necessary as well as eliminating the barrier of social differences and discrimination towards the third gender.

Yong Wee Dannie Seow


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