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Urban plan of Borongaj settlement, Zagreb-Croatia

Part 2 Project 2011
Sanja Vujovic
University of Montenegro Montenegro
At the location of existing millitary base Borongaj is planned the University campus for the further development of the Zagreb University. It should be the urban 'connection' that promote new Zagreb atmosphere as a reflection of city's step forward towards the future. Solutions for the future use of this complex urban city settlement should be given by the urban plan 'Borongaj', taking into account the larger space that it connects, and where the multifunctional activities and infrastructure objects are present. Three groups of faculty buildings are planned on campus(bio-technical, development and technologies, and humanistic-sociology). For all 3 groups of faculty joint central spaces should be planned: principal of the University office together with dean's offices, multipurpose congress hall, separate buildng of the central library together with media center, f&b services with at least three restaurants (700students capacity), certain numbers of shops and other services, together with accomodation for students (10.000 students) and for the proffesors and reasearchers (2500- 3000people).
-Planned number of students: 20.000(out of witch 10.000 live on campus)
-building density: 30%.
-total net buildable area of faculties: up to 90.000sq m
Startng idea is the reinterpretation of "Zagreb green horseshoe" that is located in central part of Zagreb and which is directly connected by railway with campus Borongaj i.e."New green horseshoe". Nowadays, "Zagreb horseshoe" is recognizable identity of Zagreb's high cultural and estetic criteria, which involve the eight most beautiful squares that are connected with a green streets and gardens.
The whole campus is divided into 5 different blocks. First block(segmentI), situated at the very west point of the complex, is planned for accomodation of proffesors and researchers. Second block (segmentIIiIII) is planned for the faculties. Central block of buildings (segmentIV), "new horseshoe", is planned for social and public services that will be for general use of public. These include: building of the principal of the University, halls, multimedia room, library, restaurant and main kitchen, shopping mall, student associations etc. Railway station that covers the railway tracks is planned on the north side of the central block. It continues with promenade that goes to the tram and bus station on the south side of central block. Last block (segmentV) is planned for student dormitory.

Sanja Vujovic


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