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Religion / Centrality culture in the neighborhood el virrey

Part 1 Project 2012
Juan Sebastian Morales Fonseca
Universidad Piloto de Colombia, Colombia
This project focused on the use "cult" is located in the eastern part of the lot to intervene, the project is part of centrality the Viceroy, which has a hospital and a youth center. The project seeks community integration and a nice place for playful cultural, and religious education, including use that is obviously Catholic worship. Features: Music Room, living room theater and painting classrooms and catechesis commerce stores, as well as an auditorium for the community.

In the architectural genre direct articulation with the neighborhood, placing the main entrance to the street level and likewise its cover as a terrace maximizing your visual. Studies were handled internally desolation and natural lighting, as well as the main visual landscape overlooking the southeast of the lot. The cover has dilations that are permeable to sunlight. They use a geometry in which the altar is nested as a point or axis which forms a central interior.

A bioclimatic level has a study a sun path and winds, the emphasis was on the permeability of sunlight into the temple to rank the altar, in the empty side volumes were created to allow illumination of the lower levels. They took advantage of prevailing winds from the south-east, which were generated by expansions in the side edges to Allow Wind permeability levels allow more buried and breathing air renewal, also in the side windows of the temple.
A sustainable level we opted for the recycling of rainwater and reuse in toilets and watering gardens, also solar panels on the roof and in the back to reduce energy consumption from the public service.

Juan Sebastian Morales Fonseca


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