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(Dis) Alienation of the void

Part 2 Project 2012
Matias Tenca
University of Belgrano Capital Argentina
For every Land Art work, a specific place is chosen to redefine, potentiating the site’s qualities. This project is born out of that same premise, looking to redefine the site, its scale and dimensions. The abandonment of a highway structure in the heart of Buenos Aires, portrays the city’s lack of interest for these negative and absent spaces, foreign to the urban texture. With the objective of conserving the footprints of the past, this project is presented as a way to potentiate these traits. The french concept “Tiers Paysage” becomes an undomesticated and uncontrolled vegetal metabolism. Nature’s growth cycle dominates the project,
where the differents spaces present a flexibility of programmes and their structures are detached from the ground, permitting the free growth of the wild vegetation.

The different programmatic spaces are thought out in light of the Nature-human relationship. There is a balance in the visitors’ contact with wild nature, accomplished through the allocation of the different spaces. This natural cycle’s evolution is expected to generate an abrupt change in the perception of the site, highlighting the imbrication of the project with the uncontrolled nature.

The proposal is thought out as labyrinth architecture, reinforcing the concept of flowing space and rejecting the container architecture. This motivates visitors to explore and discover the site. This exploration and space appropriation imitates the work of the surrealists, who based their works on the excursion and ephemeral conquest of a site.

The absence of human scale, the project’s monotony and the chosen structural language generates the same alienation with the city as the other urban voids; those forgotten territories of an amnesiac city.

Matias Tenca


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