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ADAPT (Howard Smith Wharves Design Proposal)

Part 1 Project 2012
Cameron Minns
Queensland University of Technology Brisbane Australia
ADAPT aims to experiment with the way a form can be derived by engaging with the context through 3D animation techniques; the form is the direct adaption of matter coming in contact with the site. These techniques, derived from the animation and film industry are used by various avant-garde architects and include, particle emission, morphing, and key-framing.

The layout of ADAPT does not block the thoroughfare of pedestrians through the site, instead the architecture creates interest by forcing the passer-by to engage with the open structure, creating a tension towards the building.

ADAPT is designed to allow for a multiplicity of uses. By doing this, the architecture does not prescribe a particular program to the form; instead the form creates spaces, divisions, and points of interest so the users themselves create the program. This is evident within the function/exhibition space on the ground level.

Cameron Minns


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