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City-Making According to Artistic Principles

Part 2 Project 2012
Kingston University, UK
This project explores a hierarchical, communicative and aesthetic approach to city making that challenges the current architectural orthodoxy. The project acts as a counterpoint to the current series of neighbourhoods on the fringe of the Olympic park that will form part of the Olympic legacy. Neighbourhoods that have similarities with London’s Great Estates, similarities that the Olympic Legacy Company is keen to evoke in order to create ‘a piece of London.’

Situated on this fringe the project responds to the weak modernism of the 1960’s Carpenters Estate. The thesis explores the notion that a great estate can be generated out of a great street, an urbanism which is archetypal London and yet radical in its context. Working like Nash, developing a thin strip of fabric that encloses and lines the street, backs are left as parcels for development whilst the fronts are given absolute importance in shaping and forming a piece of city. Façade are made using a hierarchy of off-site modules designed to make both cities and rooms.

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