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Marking the Belfast Skyline. A Cable Factory

Part 2 Project 2012
Mark Winnington
Queen's University Belfast, UK

Over the past 125 years Belfast Harbour has witnessed rapid progress, success and decline in ship building. This has constantly shaped and reformed the water’s edge witnessed by the creation of docks branching from the Victoria channel into Belfast’s largest man-made land, land which has hosted the frequent erection and dismantling of structures sitting on its ground plane. Within this utilitarian environment the Harbour Estate acts like a workshop, the land acts nothing more than an efficiently made flat work bench and the docks act like vices reshaping the work bench. The tools used to build anything require this flat land or 'a bench' to work on. This thesis focuses on how these objects or 'tools' sit on the flat work bench of Belfast's man made site, their relationship with the skyline and back down to the ground plane, expressing both structure and space through the utilitarian architecture of a cable factory.

Mark Winnington


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