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Health Centre

Part 1 Project 2012
Abduallah Mosalem
University of Dammam Dammam Saudi Arabia
Aim of the design (design concept):
Is to provide an easy access to all types of users and short and clear circulation inside the building thus the visitor/ patient would move from section/ space to another easily and in a very convenient way. Also to respect the site and environmental parameters as well
The form and function:
The entrance was located in the middle of the building elevation thus services were distributed according to its function and relation with the entrance. Emergency section was put on the left to free the access to other sections from any conflict of circulation of emergency service
Spatial impression and experience that the building gives to the visitor:
The provision of light colors and delicate entry of natural light to interior spaces of the building, would make the visitor comfortable and relaxed

Structural system:
Simple structural system was used so it does not obstruct the internal view and permit smooth circulation and enable the various functions of the building.

Abduallah Mosalem


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