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The River as Urban Element

Part 2 Project 2012
AntóNio Ribeiro Amado
Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa Lisboa Portugal
This Final Master’s Project aims to understand the current situation of the territory and examine future work scenarios in terms of orographic relationships, with the goal of testing the possibility of the rise of the sea level by 1,90 meters by the year of 2100 as a result of the climatological changes phenomenon. On this premise, the author develops a proposal for urban development to ensure a solution for the riverfront of the city of Barreiro, on the Tagus River estuary. Barreiro’s riverfront, considering its nearest surroundings in Seixal and Moita, is a riverside with soft slopes and low heights, characterized by large areas of alluvial plains, and which is not prepared to manage a possible rise of the sea level. This scenario threatens the more susceptible urban areas and riverside activities and may result in a significant loss of both tangible and intangible heritage. In this context the author proposes proactive approach, using the rise of the sea level on its favour by maximizing the territory’s capacity for adaptability and using its own characteristics as resources. Consequently, it strives to reach a balance between urban and natural according to an adaptive and progressive logic that is both flexible and systematic. In addition, a phased process with predefined stages is also developed, and whose implementation is governed and incremental, not clutching to a single methodology of intervention due to the heterogeneity that characterizes the riverfront.
AntóNio Ribeiro Amado


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