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Lost Student's Space

Part 2 Project 2012
Tsvetomir Dzhermanov
University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia Bulgaria
As a student I’ve always been interested by the idea of higher education, how it works and how the building environment can improve its quality.

I was frequently asking myself what was the key aspect that made one university successful. Was it the teaching method, the professors, the students or even the campus itself?

We all know that this is a question not that simple and the answer may vary depending on the point of view. But we can definitely agree on two topics:

First and foremost, the university is not a school. You do not go there just to listen and then go home. You have to work, to react, to be part of the process.

Secondly but not less important, the university is all about communication and sharing ideas, no matter if it is with your tutor or with other students. It is about learning from others and in the same time, when you get, you have to give.

Having those points in mind, I’ve started to analyse the university I know the best – my own, where I’ve spent more than 5 years of my life.

At first sight, the building has a clear vertical structure, which is empowered by the two towers – one for engineers, one for architects. The function also suggest a strict order – at the base, there is the common ground with all the laboratories, auditoriums and cafes, in the towers are the rooms for exercise and tutors offices. Everything looks in place, except the inner courtyard – figuratively and literally, The Big Void between architects and engineers and university as a whole. Since the beginning it is unusable, as it is the space beneath and above – lost spaces. In meantime, the university lacks places where students can meet, work, discuss or display their works or just stay there.

This project aims to feel the gap between colleagues, to build bridges between the two towers, to turn The Big Void in to The Bumping Heart of this university, to return the space that was once lost.

Tsvetomir Dzhermanov


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