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Discernible Drama

Part 1 Project 2012
Joe Trevail
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

The premise of my experiment in the evolution of the theatre typology was to examine how architecture and the environment can become implicit to elicit a drama through: tectonic, form and visual scripts of motion.

A dialogue was struck with the environment which I then tested and examined ideas against - the notion of how the building dialogues environmentally became a fascinating entity in the project which I couldn’t possibly ignore.

A search at length, inspired by the River Holme and it’s heritage, illuminated the Siphon, it’s motion gave fruit to experiments in how drama can become architectures commodity, ultimately the instrument outreaches and solidifies tectonics as architecture, drama and the environment become synonymous.

Theatres are inherently unsustainable artefacts: used rarely during the day. The typology lacks a natural usage - the prerequisite of sustainability and something the community of Holmfirth could greatly benefit from. Simultaneously a typological examination illuminated the foyer which could be utilised for sustainability stimulating natural usage and ultimately, distilling drama!

Finally, a Kinetic Auditorium dissolves and impulses of performance occur throughout the design, discernible in the: habitable roofscape, foyer and market as the environmental instrument supports all things theatrical; typology evolves.

Joe Trevail


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