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Part 2 Project 2012
Saud Alhaddad
University of Dammam Dammam Saudi Arabia
I’m concern about the increasing and alarming pollution level in the sea life of the Gulf region, particularly in the sea shore of the Eastern province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Justification for the selection of the project
1 – Due to the increase of KSA population, industrialization particularly in the eastern province, KSA, and maritime transportation, there is an alarming increase of pollution in the sea of the gulf region. This would have negative economic and environmental consequences.
2 – There is a lack of environmental awareness at all levels. At the government level, this is represented of the non-compliance with laws and legislations that aim to protect the marine environment from degradation. There are also no national institutions capable of protecting the environment and identifying potential hazards thus evaluating the effect of negative environmental changes that result from the increasing human activities. Therefore, national institutions i.e. scientific institutions and governmental organizations, should be established and play a key role in the protection of marine life.
3 – In the past, the sea was an important resort for the population of the Eastern province. Due to the urban sprawl that is mostly next to the seaside, it does not play this role anymore. So, restoring and retrieving the function of the seaside as something that would bring serenity and comfort to the viewer is a must.
The project concept
The designer was inspired by the scene of rain drops and the sea water. When the rain drops touch the sea water, it creates circles. So the shape of the building somehow stimulates these circles. The building was also directed to the North to utilize the Northern wind and reduce the unwanted/ extra. Other parameters were considered in the project’s design and these are mentioned in the site responses section.
Main Aim Of The Project To develop good knowledge about the sea life, how to protect it and how to preserve it to overcome and survive the 21st problematic environmental and man-made issues and inferences

Saud Alhaddad


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