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Earthquake Research Facility – Building a culture of resilience through science and education

Part 2 Project 2012
Illyas Maljee
De Montfort University | UK

The project was born from the need to bring together the areas of science, communities, and the preservation of cultural heritage in areas of seismic risk.
The proposed Earthquake Research Facility will meet the specific need for an earthquake research and preservation facility, which meets the criteria advocated by global heritage preservation and disaster mitigation bodies. The focus of which is to bridge the gap between industry leaders in international development, disaster relief and the construction and architecture industry.

Situated in the Golden Horn, Istanbul, the site is strategically positioned looking over at the historical Galata area, within the direct line of view of the Galata Tower and the famous Suleymaniye Mosque. Istanbul is situated near the North Anatolian Fault; the world’s largest which has caused numerous deadly earthquakes throughout the city's history. Furthermore Seismologists put the odds of a major earthquake hitting Istanbul in the next 30 years at 62% with a possible death toll of around 250,000.

The main objective of the Facility will be to establish a direct connection through research and education between the general public, on a local and international level. The building will be unique in its nature. Although dedicated disaster training centres do exist, they do not address the need to unite science and education in an accessible way under one roof, as the proposed facility would allow.

The facility will house a large research department that will tackle seismic risks on local heritage sites and test local materials and construction techniques. It will also provide training and educational zones within the complex for students, builders, architects and engineers and transfer earthquake protective technology to the general public. The building’s architecture will create an interactive building and public space, which will attract, inspire and educate. Fulfilling the objective advocated by global leaders in disaster mitigation by “imparting information effectively, involving local communities, making disaster prevention part of education and raising the awareness of the public” and thus hoping to save lives and protect our invaluable heritage.

Illyas Maljee


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