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Fu' Cityscape

Part 2 Project 2012
Antonios Lalos
University of Lincoln, UK
FU Cityscape

My design project is based on a presumed future, where energy is cheap and limitless. However this presumption is predicated on a scenario whereby energy supply runs low prior to the development of limitless energy resources. As such energy plants become development and population attractors, the logic being the closer you are to the supply the more likely you are to receive it. The legacy in my projected future is that cities remain physiologically attached and attracted to these previous points of supply, hence the selection of my site.

The project proposal is inspired by a site in Greece which is located on an industrial area of Thisvi, it includes a natural gas power plant a steel refinery and also an industrial port for exports and imports.

My projected utopia is one which is manifested above the ground, in a city that floats, it achieves this through the limitless energy resource that powers this future. Projected cities that float invariable respond to sets of either utopian or dystopian views. Essentially humans have left the surface to protect the earth and all its inherent beauty and bio diversity, in an attempt to preserve it from the ravages of human habitation or they have left the surface because it is no longer habitable and anything of value has long since disappeared.

As to which scenario has prevailed in my project is very much guided by one the instigators of the project, my reading of Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World.

The city is going to be covered by a mechanical shell. Inside this shell the city is going to be built as an interconnected network .This structural network is going to accommodate all the major applications of the city such as transportation and other utilitarian purposes. The main and most important reason of the structural network is the use of it as a grid of distribution of energy and the removal of waste.

Antonios Lalos

Mr Richard Wright
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