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Integrated Ecologies

Part 2 Project 2012
Anthony Cowan
University of Brighton, UK

The project proposes a decentralised and integrated solution to waste water management in sub urban areas, as an alternative to the energy intensive and overcapacity infrastructure that currently exists.

The project is envisioned as an architectural and infrastructural landscape that manages water collection, treatment, and storage. A number of technological systems are integrated within the architecture as spaces for research and education.

The integration of architecture and landscape establishes a hybrid research facility where educational and community programmes are linked with landscape typologies. The proposal provides a model that can be applied to a number of sites along the Thames, establishing both localised water management infrastructure and an interlinked network of research and education centres across the city.

The proposal incorporates design for flood mitigation through two integrated buffer zones, linking the site back to its former function as a floodplain, and establishing a new eco park that connects into the East London Green Grid ecological network across the city.

Rejecting the traditional defensive approach towards flooding the building is designed to respond to the varying water levels and as such becomes an active participant in the environment; controlling storing and displaying water whilst balancing human, ecological and engineering needs.

Anthony Cowan


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