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The Great British Expo

Part 1 Project 2012
Jamie Brown
University of Nottingham

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Royal Borough of Greenwich and The Great British Expo. The recent spectacle of the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the first Olympic Games in Britain for 74 years has left a legacy to "inspire a generation". Britain's golden year has seen a new generation of patriotism born. On the precipitate of London 2012 the people of Britain are given something precious and irreplaceable. Something to celebrate what it is to be British. Something to capture our spirit, intensity, drama and the indelible marks we make upon history.

The Great British Expo will be used as a place where objects depicting the best of British, chosen by the people of Britain, will be protected, displayed and redefined over time. Each Committee will be selected at random comprising 12 British citizens who serve for two weeks at a time. Their sole duty will be to decide on the curation of the Expo and its contents.

The exhibits will be displayed in the old turbine hall of the power station housed within 31 glass panels. Each object will be sliced into 300mm sections cutting away the surface effect, revealing its story. In contrast, the sliced semiotic facade of the palace of Westminster is revealed as a plastic fake, encapsulating the notion of giving Britain back to the people whilst contrasting the truly authentic British objects which lie within.

As one of the greatest countries in the world and a place where all nations have met for generations, it is our time to "Inspire a generation", and a new generation of Britishness. As the first Great British committee it gives us great pleasure to pronounce The Great British Expo open.

Jamie Brown


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