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The Book of Skeg

Part 1 Project 2012
Ryan Day
University of Lincoln, UK

Temptations of gambling, sex, and boredom fill the streets of Skegness. The Book of Skeg tells the fate of a town, that tries to reclaim itself before it is reclaimed by the sea.

Skegness is a temporary location that on paper should be a mechanical detachable city next to the unstable coastline. The urban fabric is a grid of caravan parks that allow the land to be read as a musical code. Coding of the area highlights the silence of the town: Areas of neglect. Areas of little temptation. Areas for contemplation.

By analyzing the obvious code, you can then comprehend the rules and play the game. The initial maps are created by following the rules of the visual state of reality. Subtracting reality down to a perception of the physical appearance. Following this process an urban plan is achieved that reacts to the visual, cultural, and personal perception of the local environment.

Sound became the main factor after researching the area. The sounds of Skegness are in discord, from the sea winds to the arcade disruptions, the sounds are no longer a temporary moment but an endless conflict that has become the appeal of Skegness. The site for the school of life creates the challenge of ignoring the temptations littered through Skegness and rewarding the pilgrim with a ‘religion’ devoid of confusion.

God is dead. Reasoning of morals can no longer be answered via religious texts. But we are blessed with a limitless supply of understanding and reasoning. The Book of Skeg is inspired by Alain de Botton’s new atheism, his school of life houses the tools to exercise and expand a persons mind via a ‘religion of culture.’

The Building itself is an element along an architectural promenade that’s leads through the town towards the sea, it is not a destination but instead part of the journey to the shoreline. As the water becomes deeper and the land is engulfed. The School of Life will remain as a monument that has defied nature. An utopian vision for a future Noah’s Arc.

Ryan Day


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