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Bio-Liquid: Water Ecopark

Part 2 Project 2012
Sayda Chaparro
Lina Pinzon
David Cabrera
Pilot University | Colombia
Bio liquid Water Ecopark

The following document will present a research Project that support the landscaping and architectural intervention at El Llanito in Barrancabermeja jurisdiction, a biodiversity high zone. The intervention aims the recovery of the marsh edge, with a tourism Bio Park construction taking advantage and recovering the natural resources, also the formulation of relevant policies to encourage development in the area.

The project is divided the following scales:

A Partial Plan to avoid that El Llanito municipality loses its cultural vocation of craft fishing; It is divided in 4 intervention stages:

1. Consolidation
2. Expansion
3. Development
4. Territory protection

The Development stage is structured in another 4 stages:

3.1 Cultural Zone
3.2 Recreation Zone
3.3 Educational Zone
3.4 Residential Zone

-Stage 3rd: For the urban setting design it is proposed the Bio Liquid system, which is reached through the fluids conceptualization around the territory. From this pattern it is possible to define circulations, squares, spaces for contemplation and equipment buildings for instance Waterpark Museum, Fishing Institute, Fish Farm, Restaurants and Hotels. The Bio Liquid pattern answer to natural forms named ecotopes, in which landscape elements such as topography, herbage, water bodies are the objects that generate organic forms inside the project.

- The composed landscape by herbage studies, furniture and architectural volumes seeks to integrate itself to the bio liquid pattern through shapes that represent the park theme: water states. The project plans to show the biodiversity around its paths full of trees with animal species according to an extensive analysis. Furthermore, through activities that creates a strong relation within tourist and local inhabitants.

The project architecture will not affect the environment, because it is created from sustainable concepts. The developed architecture potentiates the fishing culture and activity, generating respect and awareness for an integral heritage. The architectural program of the Fishing Museum and Waterpark are included inside volumetric shapes that fit into the Bio Liquid pattern. The sun incidence, winds and topography are physical and geographical territory conditions that highlight the architecture's mimicry in the project landscape.

Sayda Chaparro
Lina Pinzon
David Cabrera


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