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Aquarium in Al Khober

Part 2 Project 2012
Mohand Bahadin
University of Dammam Dammam Saudi Arabia
It is an integrated complex of volumes. It aims to educate the community about marine life in an entertaining way such as to ensure that the visitor would enjoy of the marine life by showing him/ her in an attractive way how various and different sea species live and breed. Also to attract him/ her to the different species' life habits and way of life. The visitor would appreciate the cultural and historical dimensions of the marine life of the Persian Gulf, particularly that is linked to the Eastern region, and its relation with the cultural, economic and everyday life of the society throughout the history .
Main purpose of the project :
1. educate the community about the sea world in general
2. teach the visitor how the marine life and environment should be preserved
3. To make the project a leisure and entrainment focal point for the Eastern province and the Alkhobar city
The Importance of the Project :
1. There is no similar project in the Eastern province
2. The project would increase the visitors' awareness about the marine world and make them more curious to learn about it
3. The project would help to attract tourists from other regions in KSA and other countries
4. It would serve as a landmark for the city

The project Concept
The conceptual idea behind the project is preserve and sustain the environment. This was done by implementing the idea of roof garden. Also to form the building volumes in a way that cast shadows thus create a comfortable environment for the visitors who would like to walk on the roof and oversee the sea and surrounding area.
1. the pathways inside the buildings were designed to surprise/ amaze the visitor. This has been done by changing levels, sudden and repeated connections between spaces
2. The pathways were done as a one-way path with the potential to use it as two ways paths in the case of emergency
3. Smooth movement in the spaces was provided with the an expectation that the visitor may stop suddenly stop to watch something which would attract him/ her

Mohand Bahadin


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