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Art of Lyrics

Part 1 Project 2013
Winston Cheuk
University for the Creative Arts, UK
Art of Lyrics is a proposed concept in hope to inspire the start of re using post-Olympic buildings in Athens and eventually globally. This concept contributes to the venues that are currently left?un used after the games have finished.

Although plans from officials whom propose well established events that only occur every so year leaves the stadiums abandoned until those events. When the event finally arrives they tend to only be targeted for audience whom are financially able and have an interest in the performance. However I find this still does not satisfy nor does it cater to everyone and this still leaves major gaps in periods of the stadia being unused.

The concept generated to answer this problem is to re inhabit those stadiums that are left un attend by introducing well organized grass route events managed by the community. This idea was inspired by a study trip to Athens and in depth research into how Athens can re use their famous stadiums in which they invested so much energy to.

Promoting grass route events immediately occurred when discovering recent articles regarding to young underground performing artists whom dedicated there time in practice their talent, only to be disheartened. Because the lack of support due to the current Greek climate. Following the research I discovered musical artists whom were invited to the fast rallies to perform in front of the many protestors. Those musicians were not there to encourage the crowd. But they saw this opportunity to share their lyrics to the people whom had lost hope.

The building I propose will be a start to one of many tailored projects that will accommodate grass route events. Firstly helping musicians by offering them with facilities that will give them the opportunity to utilize an entire music making process. There are two floors of generous office space that will help organize, promote events and two main auditoriums that allow artist to re hearse. Orientation of the building is strongly influenced mainly by views and solar rotation. The form of architecture itself was generated by consistent experiments.

Winston Cheuk

Mr Oliver Froome-Lewis

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