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Exposure: Chow Kit New Vocational School

Part 1 Project 2013
Hazim Amrin Mohamed Thamby
University of Malaya, Malaysia
Malaysia has embarked on a major overhaul of its vocational training programmes, aimed to ensure a more balanced manpower requirement production in order to synchronize with its changing economy. It has been estimated that the country requires at least 3.3 million skilled and technical workers in the coming decade in order to achieve a developed-nation status by year 2020. With limited space of the site and in the midst of a busy urban environment, Chow Kit pose a major challenge & opportunity in designing a Vocational College.

The Chow Kit Community College or also known as the Vocational School is designed to help remedy the identity & image of the existing condition of Chow Kit District. People tend to judge Chow Kit to be the Black Labelled Area where illegal activities take place & that alone discourages any interactions from happening on site.

Being located right at the edge of Chow Kit district opposing the busy street of Sri Amar & the Raja Laut Tower provides the opportunity to help change people’s perception by showcasing the true educational image of the school to the general public. It’s purely permeable & porous both visually and physically to allow the students to dissipate & to integrate the college programmes with the public.

The school provides a stepping platform for the residence & community of chow kit to engage themselves into a learning environment within their own vicinity. Four different courses which are Hotel & Catering, Bakery & Confectionary, and Beautician & Fashion Design Studio are the main focus for the students of the school. A community library located at the main entrance help not only for educational purposes, but also it improves the street image of chow kit during the day & night. Multiple Roof Garden Terraces were implemented to allow more outdoor activities while also applying sustainable building strategies to accommodate the weather and climatic conditions of the site.

Hazim Amrin Mohamed Thamby


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