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Part 1 Project 2013
Richard Perry
Ravensbourne, UK
Woolwich declined in the late 20th century and this was due to a number or factories and manufacturing businesses closing down. During the 20th century Woolwich was a manufacturing community. It had the largest production of munitions in the 20th century however its decline was started by the closure of the Royal Dockyard and the Siemens Factory. Without major local employers the demographic of Woolwich was affected, it saw astronomical economic decline resulting in the decay of its urban core. In the town centre, department and chain stores closed and the sprawl of the town centre shrank. Woolwich’s population is one of poverty, illness and hunger and violence with also a low level of education.

I am proposing to transform a closed roof top market on Plumstead Road which is in a state of decline into a space which can help to stimulate local economy and pair retail types that coexist and work together as one. The site is currently being used as a market however it is in decline and looks like a shanty town.

The project looks to link back to history and get the area manufacturing/creating again this being the growing of fruit and veg hydroponically. The scheme attempts to embody two retail types that are seen as competitors under one roof complimenting each other. Market stall owners now have the assurance of the quality of their goods as they are no longer weathered through the use vending machine systems on par with the quality assurance that supermarkets give to their goods.

Restaurants are situated on the ground floor and are in the form of large cylindrical legs and act as self-feeding units. There are hydroponic tubes stacked vertically inside the glass cylinders. The chefs and cooks travel up the spiral stairs and pick the fruit and veg grown inside. Chefs are rotated with residents of Woolwich. These glass cylinders can be rented out for events.

The project is attempting to feed the local area this being knowledge of hydroponic grown fruit and veg, A building that will be growing a greater community and a greater understanding.

Richard Perry


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