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Intermodal center Sofia-South

Part 1 Project 2013
Stefan Mihaylov
University of Architecture,Civil Engineering and Geodesy Sofia Bulgaria
Sofia, as many other cities in Central and Eastern Europe, is in process of developing a strategic plan, which aims at determining the future of the city and making it better. The main goal in Sofia’s plan is to reduce the number of used cars and to make vital improvements of urban transport, giving citizens a well developed, clean and accurate alternative to cars. One part of the plan is the making of new intermodal bus terminals, which will replace existing stations.
My project is dealing with a new terminal called Intermodal center Sofia-South. The station is easily accessible through the city centre as well as through the new Sofia ring road, which offers a direct connection to the main highways in Bulgaria – Trakia, Struma and Hemus. There is also a metro station below the building, an underground connection with the Vitosha mountain ski-lift and an underground parking area.
The shape of the main building is inspired by one of the most authentic Bulgarian traditions – carpet weaving. Whereas for other nations carpets are just a beautiful part of the house interior, for Bulgarians they represent the story of a human’s life. In the complicated composition of geometrical signs are hidden many symbols. The most popular geometrical motive is called “makaz”. It consists of two touching each other triangles – a prediction for their future connection. The touch of these triangles is a symbol for the beginning of a relationship between two people. The next step in the ornamentic story of the carpets is the “big makaz” – a culmination moment, expressed by two intersected triangles. They are a symbol of the wedding – the new beginning for two human beings, who love each other. The bus terminals symbolize exactly this – a new way, a new beginning, new hopes. They are an accumulator of human emotions intersecting each other. On the one side are the arrivals and on the other side are the departures. Everybody has different feelings, a different way of life but for a while their feelings are in the same place – the bus station.

Stefan Mihaylov


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