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The Architecture that Memories Built

Part 2 Project 2013
Christopher Robinson
University of Huddersfield, UK
Conveyed through the narrative of a fictional journey the aim of this design thesis was to explore
the experiential properties of architecture, particular illustrating its ability to both flare and relate
to our imaginations, senses and emotions. As the setting to our daily existence our physical surroundings give pertinence and body to our most vivid memories, from small details and textures, to complete rooms and buildings, architecture has the ability exists deep within our mind and thoughts.

Portrayed through seven architectural vignettes the project recounts the diary of a young traveller who is drawn to the remote island of Iona, Scotland, after finding a box of intriguing items left to him by his father. Enchanted by the land and fascinated by its past the travellers trip becomes defined by a series of unusual dreams in which he envisages an ancient druid society that once inhabited the island. These dreams despite being provoked by the history and feel of his surroundings are fuelled by his own emotions, memories, and experiences.

As his journey unfolds from a small, secluded lodge off the western shore of the island the project uses the language of space, materiality, form and atmosphere to poetically describe how each encounter was revealed to the traveller and subsequently how he emotively related to their architecture. Whilst intimately depicting the tale of this diary the body of this thesis aims to represent architecture as an expressive craft, recognising its potential as a narrative art form, capable of recording and projecting a story about people, place, time and culture.

Christopher Robinson

Mr Gerard Bareham
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