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Advanced Design Studio / Paradigm Shift – A New Understanding of Space

Part 2 Project 2013
Yoonho Cho
Korea National University of Arts, South Korea
There is a long history about time and space, not only in physics, but in sociology, modern art, and so on. Since Einstein formulated his theory of relativity, time and space started to merge with each other. The ‘Unfinished Construction Story’ of the Jong-ro 3ga-district in Seoul started with this idea. “What if we design first the length of time before we design space?” “What if we design a concept of time?” What I try to do is making a new concept of time in architecture, 200 years or more construction period. It is a new scenario of architecture that will be continued for 200 years or forever. Based on the research about the people and history of the site, the project started to grow from there. Time in this project, the life cycle of space, is not calculated like in other buildings. It can give us another perspective about time and space.

- Experimental Drawing
Design started from conceptual (animated) drawings that were moving by themselves: in their motion, consistently the structure of the space keeps changing. Spaces made by motion of drawing are only perceived when they move with time. These motion drawings experiments can explain how space and time merge with each other.

- Structure
Every infrastructure and space in it will be made by “the legacy”. If we think a building life of 200 years, we cannot decide on a specific system or technology but every technology will be overlapped with the next. Also the form of the structure will be a natural one, it will not be designed through a specific system.

- Program Arrangement
Using existing buildings and structures that the city already has, programs will be generated following their own character. In the lower levels, public programs and shared infrastructure will be arranged. Housing and other private program will be located at above levels generating their own independent infrastructure. The notion of program is made by the people themselves during 100 years (of more), deciding the arrangement of program in the city

- Prototype Design
For more specific presentation and to prove how it can work in reality, I designed two prototype spaces in the unfinished construction in the idea of merged time and spatial generation. One is an office cluster and the other a housing cluster. The story of the two prototypes is based on the current situation of the site.

Yoonho Cho

Prof Christian Schweitzer
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