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Flooded Equilibrium - London 2060

Part 1 Project 2013
Yu Yan Kassandra Lim
University of Nottingham, UK
'Flooded Equilibrium' is a project situated in 2060 when London will be submerged in flood waters attributed to a bold offensive approach to rise in water levels. People abandon 5metres of urban fabric under the water and scramble to build temporary shelters on higher grounds. While we can brood over the destruction of the urban environment, we can also hold faith in Buzz Holling's Resilience Theory, which suggests that the ecological resilience of London will allow it to thrive even in the water.
Essentially, this project is aimed at embracing the influx of water and establishing an adapted resilient system through the ecological, political and pedagogical approach.

Only by acknowledging the interdependence of the different elements of the ecology and their non-static existence, that we can then learn to reorganize the system to respond to challenges and demand. Useless resources from the immediate environment, such as cars and roof beams are collected, deconstructed and recycled to build new homes and shops on abandoned barges.

With all the ongoing debates and advocation of individual rights, equality and democracy, we might want to seize this fundamentally environmental change as the event that catalyses a political evolution- to empower every individual who deserves to be heard regardless of social status. This is achieved through the congregation of ideas, knowledge and opinions at the democratic forum. Society progresses and adapts collectively from the bottom-up approach instead of thriving in a set of national policies dictated by the authorities, who will be inexperienced in tackling the unprecedented challenge.

A sustainable solution to a new problem requires a system in place to allow the continual growth of new knowledge and the replication of successes. Besides a constructive programmatic function, the project also has a strong ecological and structural systemic model with a high level of resilience. Thus it can extend its success to the other parts of London through the replication of similar models to serve different needs.

Yu Yan Kassandra Lim

Mr Ulysses Sengupta
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