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Decomposing Generic Housing / Housing Typo Hybrid

Part 1 Project 2013
Man Tak Tan
University of Hong Kong, China
My design intention is to challenge the repetition of the podium-tower typology in the site of Sai Ying Pun. I try to introduce variations and choices into the current homogenous living condition. The massing strategy is to decompose the generic floor plans to introduce other possible organization. I generated a series of floor profiles by voiding out the original massing and inserting larger floor plates. On one hand, it allows the possibility of inserting other kinds of shared space and on the other hand, it allows the possibility to define other kinds of housing units. The dimensions of the plans are refined so that the space is suitable for introducing new housing typologies.

Then I studied three housing typologies that could not be found on site: the Courtyard House, the garden house, and the slab building. Each of them has a very distinctive way of organization and provides very different lifestyle. I try to create a new housing typology which is a hybrid of the generic and the new by organizing the shared area in a specific way. This can provide choices of different lifestyle and meanwhile allow the interaction of the various groups of inhabitants. At the same time, it creates variety of ways of accessing each type of housing unit. Variety of sequence from the city to the unit is created.

The urban strategy is to celebrate the street life on ground. Originally, only the narrow strip at the periphery of the plot of land allows public activity. I try to arrange the footprint of the grounding to introduce the public street life into the inner area of the plot of land. The street level is further expanded to the underground and the podium level.

I try to articulate the façade to address the different typologies both on the exterior and in the interior. Different twist of the strip element can create different lighting condition and thus different ambience for the specific typology. I further develop it into an operable system so that it is flexible and engages more with the activities.

Man Tak Tan


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