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Temporomandibular Dynamics

Part 2 Project 2013
James Moussa
American University of Sharjah, UAE
Temporomandibular Dynamics is a project that demonstrates the diagrammatic and atmospheric experimentation of a micro-urban condenser in the city of Milan. Urban narratives have been extracted from the city's surroundings to develop urban networks and patterns that were transformed into an abstract machine. Spatial constructs were analyzed and programmatic iterations were developed to create an urban gesture that integrates parametric measures.
Inspired from the continuous overuse of scaffolding for renovations and posters that have been overlaid and deteriorated with time, this project utilizes the structure of scaffoldings and an elastic skin, inspired from the posters, to create a unique experience from occupying an interstitial space that is not usually occupied. Hydraulic clamps, attached to the scaffolding, would stretch and compress the skin to allow for: wider views, different light intensities, and even visual and aural advertisements. The lack of private resting spaces for transit train passengers to the Milano Centrale was the main reason for selecting it as a site.

James Moussa


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