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A house for a photographer

Part 1 Project 2013
Kim Tan-ho
Korea National University of Arts, South Korea
My project will aim at sensitizing a designer to the fundamental conceptual pair of architecture: light and geometry. With light as the "what", the central subject of our effort and "geometry" as the "how", the most important tool to approach our subject.

A photographer's raw matter is light. While the architect tries to entrap the relentless progress of time in a 3-dimensional light, a photographer can capture a single moment, the fleeting instant of passing life. The photographed gives us then a captured instant of the real, allowing us to temporarily stop time and linger over the frozen moment, a perhaps lesser but sharper tool with which to unlock the deep mystery of experience.

Photography is to architecture like plans and sections are to space. The expression of a moment carrying within itself the code of the more complex whole.

For the photographer, the house is itself metaphorically embodied by the privileged object par-excellence: the camera. Just like when "operating" the house, when operating a camera not everything is possible, the miraculous capture of light and space onto a flat image is crucially dependent on the size of the lens aperture (scale), the lens focal length (depth of space), the shutter speed (tempo of experience), and the film speed (cultured sensibility of the inhabitant). If this description makes it sound like we are considering the house as a "machine pour contenir la lumiere," it's because that is what our studio will aim to do.

That’s why this project was started to three pictures. I picked three pictures that was read by architectural eyes for a experiment that was based on my design. Based on this experiments, I choose the site for making the space which I experimented.

The site Seo-chon which I chosen is the place where many young designer’s ateliers and beautiful mountains is existed. That’s why I choose this site. I wished a photographer living with great view and space and communicating with many young artists.

Kim Tan-ho


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