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Mount Urgull. Restaurant & Restoration

Part 2 Project 2013
Marta Kayser Vacas
CEU San Pablo University Spain
Mount Urgull was in the first decades of the 19th century the defense place of the city due to his wide control on the sea surface. Nowadays, the place is strongly damaged and no longer in use; there are several problems in the location and in the near promenade (Paseo Nuevo) that this project expects to solve. These are:
1. Lacks of activity in the north side of the Paseo Nuevo promenade.
2. Bad accessibility to the Mount Urgull
3. Worn in the existent buildings located in Mount Urgull
4. Vulnerability against strong winds and swell.

The project, far from giving an exclusive solution to the gastronomic program –considered as a partial solution-, arises with a wide public view, not only due to the linking between food and social activity, but also, and first in place, as an effort to give solutions to the problems explained before. Therefore, the gastronomic program is an integrated part from a complex which actuates in the urban layer and integrates private spaces with commercial areas.

The creation of the new commercial areas will make possible to give continuity to port and leisure activities that only have place during the Big Week in San Sebastian. These new commercial areas will be gradually disappear in favor of private uses and the will allow to recover the traditional market activity in the north seaside of the city.

In order to achieve the link between public and private activites, the spatial transition “shopping areas – bar – restaurant” is proposed. This transition is also reflected in the buildings and used materials, thought to give a gradual penetration into the present scenery.

The efforts made to obtain a complex with great penetration into the scenery leads to a specific structural plan that not only gives solution to perceptive requests, but also to bending problems in long elements. So as to accomplish these achievements a system of crossing beams and pillars is proposed to avoid the transmission of bending moments between elements of first and second order, helping the idea of a permeable space as well. The structure can be used as well by secondary elements or by new pop-up urban spaces.

Marta Kayser Vacas


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