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Black Rubber Symposium: An Open Forum For Sound Art and Drink

Part 2 Project 2013
Will Picken
University of Lincoln Lincoln UK
Evolved through the intuitive process(es) of drawing, physical modelling and filmmaking, the architectural proposition set out to embrace two distinct modes of spatiality - a live performance area exclusive to musicians of the sound art genre and the common, non-discriminate social forum that is a public house. Celebrating its ordinariness was the antithesis to a highly intimate and subjective experience of acoustics, through which and pragmatic and utilitarian aspects of the project was also dealt.

Located approximately 5 miles south of Newcastle upon Tyne, the now-redundant south section of Tyne Rail Yard provides the place for this narrative to occur. Here, an elongated slither of land, partially severed from the greater industrial arena and active northern section, yields an exposed plateau of baron, desolate wasteland. Documenting the rich tapestry of pre-fabricated components and forgotten deposits on site informed a bold palette of materials and fabrics for the buildings outer skin. Read as one coherent landscape, the black rubber clad symposium is anchored within vast platforms of land-art and involves the artistic union of the sites’ soundscape. Implementing its experiential qualities, at contrasting locations, as a whole, would consider the fleeting, interactive possibilities of site-specific noise and ‘found sound’ - and therefore the myriad of ways it could infiltrate and interfere with the architecture.

Will Picken

Mr Richard Wright
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