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Stratum of inhabiting the sea – Dive center and marine for Caldera

Part 1 Project 2013
Andrea Cáceres Yeomans
University of Chile, Chile
The north of Chile characterized by his desert landscapes, has a particular condition on the coast, where it is a form of connection and communication between different locations. Caldera is located in the Antofagasta Region, characterized by a past golden port, now in decline, forgetting this relationship between the city and the sea.
Caldera is a highly touristic city during the summer, standing as a service center for all activities surrounding towns attracted by the landscape.

The great problem of the city, it is the lack of aptitude to visitor answer with different attractive offers to the visitor population, which is reactivated only once a year.

The proposal is immersed in a draft master plan, where it is evident the continuous coastal boundary condition by walkways which lead the resident to inhabit coastal experience. Also set certain nodes of activity, to revive the coastal border throughout the year.

City in the sea: The proposal is to bring the inhabit into the sea, so that the location of the building is transverse to the coastal walk. The squares articulate the proposals coastal walks, and to come to the project, so that the building itself is the great access to the sea in the city.

The idea is to understand the relationship of the inhabitants with the boundary condition in three layers: The observer, in its highest point, which is spaces of contemplation, where the idea of edge is captured by the views. A second layer at sea level, is a transition zone where contemplation is mixed with the interaction with water. And a third layer on the lower level, is the immersion under water, where it forms the environment in which they operate diving activities.

The building is conceived as a permeable and translucent element, so the sea views are not completely block and on the other hand, the permeability of the building allows for tsunami water passes without compromising any structural element. The facade is formed by the naked structure, recalling the old machining now abandoned, reinterpreting the sense of identity of the types of structures in the city port.

Andrea Cáceres Yeomans


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