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Part 1 Project 2013
Andri Orthodoxou
University of Central Lancashire, UK
This project was named after the Greek myth of Icarus.

Icarus is a mythological character, which signifies the freedom and temptation of human beings and their aspiration to reach the sun [freedom]. The myth simultaneously represents the circle of life in its stages ;our birth which indicates the commencement of the circle; we try to fly with wings given to us by our ancestors; we try to reach the sun/ achieve freedom and then, eventually we reach the culmination of the circle resulting to its termination.

As Nietzsche Rejects the Darwinian Evolution it inspires the notion that; man as a species is not progressing, but recurring, the sense of repetition exists within every aspect of our life whether it be in the behavioural sense or it be in art or fashion, the same succession is fulfilled. Even though, new technological discoveries emerged, it does not essentially meant that human nature is evolving nor altering.

Visiting the site; a wonderful scenery combining seascape and mountains, flora and fauna and witnessing how it has been affected by the human 'invasion' shows us how, even though everything around us has progressed, despite this has resulted to involving extreme technological solutions for almost every matter, man is still carrying the flaws always existed in human nature hence we do not progress.

The myth and the natural rocky landscape inspired me into developing my design by combining the beauty of natural light, landscape and water which ideally would lead to a utopian design.

The buildings' master plan represents an 'explosion' from the sea towards the town of Paphos, it is accessible from the surrounding villages and the town as well. I decided to create a small community that people can work in, educate and enjoy the magnificent views of Akamas within the building.

My main aim was to create successful series of Agrarian settlements, which invigorates the surrounding landscape and supports the use of the Buildings to encourage environmental awareness. The Master plan includes a multifunctional community of research labs, a server farm, an auction house and a community hub all connected with a common path allowing you experience the entire site. The glass-building roof touches the ground and allows the user to enjoy the sky, sea and surrounding landscape view; it creates an inspiring environment for the workers and a pleasant experience for the visitors. The external irregular stonewall assists the ventilation and creat

Andri Orthodoxou


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