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La Pietra (The Stone)

Part 1 Project 2013
Thomas Saunders
De Montfort University | UK
Orvieto hosts a rich variety of local culinary delicacies and food products which can be seen in the shops and restaurants throughout the area, acting as one of the defining features, reflecting the role of food in the culture of its people. It is important that the processes and techniques involved in the creation of these products and dishes are preserved, as Orvieto is a city frozen in time.
‘La Pietra’ would stand in Orvieto as a symbol of defence against cultural change. This also suggests that the building itself is not restricted to one sole use as times change and it may be seen fit for a different purpose in the future. However the name and what it symbolises would live on.
The building proposal addresses the link between the two streets which it is connected to, through a public path which one would take to access the different areas of the building. This central passage reflects the nature and journeys experienced throughout daily life in Orvieto, making reference to the random street patterns and the ‘hidden’ spaces created by them. The aim of the proposal is to respect the harmony of the patterns and nature of the surrounding streets and buildings, to act as a transitional point in which the business of the city and the tranquillity of the countryside can be married.

The building will house a scheme which will aim to preserve and sustain local culinary tradition and culture through the teaching and preparation of local food products. This will involve the younger generations of Orvieto who are currently struggling to find work within the area, being forced out and away from their families. This scheme will keep these young people in work around the area so that they can remain close to their families keeping the deep rooted family culture of Italy and Umbria alive.

Thomas Saunders


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