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"Everybody sees what they what you to see, very few get the chance to come inside and touch you"

Part 1 Project 2013
Rebecca Travis
University of Central Lancashire, UK
Embracing the recent obsession of Women in Architecture, this project explores the experiences of a female girl student upon a RIBA validated course and explains both programmatically, formally and critically the development of an architecture project from an everyday liverpudlian girl in trying to create an architecture relating both to her cultural and sexual politics.

I make no apologies or excuses for it’s sheer sexual and abrupt appearance, for I am a woman trying to survive in a masculine world of the dressed in black male architect obsessed with phallic and egotistical male forms and appearances.

I have tried to define an architecture for me and my sexuality, no one promised no collateral damage or victims and so I make no excuses for the upset or unease of these images. Welcome to my world of being observed as a sexual object, criticised for my figure, my make up, my life style and my accent…..for while I have supposedly been developed from man’s spare rib I am woman giver of life to man, I am sexual and I am fertile and I am politique.

This project explores the creation of forms generated by me and from me. I do not recognise the institutionalised and architecture generated by man or the institution, I use medias which obsess my sexuality, fashion photography, modelling, journalism, art and pornography to expose the sexual obsession of the media but also to be critical of it.

The project tries to embrace the critical and reflective position of architectural design ideas and their generation for a women (girl) in architecture. I make no apologies for this self-reflective work which has little architectural institutionalised appearance of a building resolution but instead one of my own personal and political position. MY BODY IS MY FREEDOM…FUCK YOUR MORALS.

Rebecca Travis


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