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Fujairah International Airport

Part 2 Project 2013
Shada Alhamed
Ajman University of Science & Technology Ajman
UAE, Fujairah is the only emirate out of Hormuz strait. Fujairah has its significance as a centre of marine navigation between the east and the west, For that the second biggest port in the world is located in it. The existing Fujairah airport is not adequate to accommodate the new aircrafts.

The project aims to provide a development proposal for the airport site. The new terminal capacity will be 5,000,000 passengers/ year and will handle 2000 passengers in peak hour. The terminal design follows the (A) level of service and space standards that will allow future expansion.

The terminal design concept is inspired from take-off and landing motion not only in the planes but also in nature as in the cultural sport falconry, flying fish and the ballet dancers when they jump and land. The landing and take-off motion is presented in two triangles the triangle shape change according to the object weight and speed in case of the bird and ballet dancer. In case of planes it is the weight and the engine power of the plane. The building form reflects Fujairah's present, the modern port, and the past represented in old mountains and fishing ships.

Airport is a landscape of a romantic and cultural association where the first and last impression of a country is taken. The experience which the design provides from what the passenger sees from the plane till they exit the building and vice versa it is designed to be transparent to enjoy the flying experience and identify the function of the building. The building design enhances functionality by minimizing the walking distance for the passenger and provides maximum security.

Sustainability is significantly integrated in the terminal design. Shaded terminal facades, A/C power reduction up to 30% by pre-cooling system, lighting power reduction up to 40% by using fiber-optics to light the building in morning also the uneven height of the roof provide many skylights to bring day light into the building, water purifying system in the public concourse courtyard, plantation and noise pollution control. The project is a new approach towards sustainable terminals.

Shada Alhamed


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