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Integration Center Ingles Neighborhood

Part 1 Project 2014
Lina Vanessa Giraldo Arias
Maria Olaya Aguas
Pilot University | Colombia
The construction and the creation of new spaces for society, welfare, comfort of each person housing, care for the environment and the creation of new public spaces with sustainable, low environmental impact systems are the solution for the basic needs we have as human beings. For that reason the project focus on a specific community placed in the Rafael Uribe neighborhood in Bogota D.C.

Through an analysis of the site and its context, different factors of great importance for the development of a project were observed, as the sector has a very orthogonal urban area where development and urban planning that was given is identified. Historically, the sector has been characterized for its growth in different stages since it has a clear organization.

The neighborhood consists in different kinds of applications referred to the land use, lacks of recreational and public spaces. With the presence of secondary local roads with a high traffic conflict due to bad road conditions, and inadequate waste disposal industry in the streets creating pollution and environmental problems on air quality and the surrounding areas.

The project generate an isolation of uses through a depression that take place in the center of the project which contains different activities, allowing us to create different sensations and visual for the viewer. Project isolation from the urban environment defines a connection with an architectural symbol generated in the main corner of the project.

Through the organization of different activities the project focuses on a design that allows us to create a hierarchy order that leads the visitors to go all over the building by the paths define by the circulation space reaching permanences and generating different sensations.

Lina Vanessa Giraldo Arias
Maria Olaya Aguas


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