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Collingwood Works: A Catalyst for Collective Urban Self Build

Part 1 Project 2014
Matt Fallowfield-Cooper
University of East London London UK
The year is 2030, central London has become a warren of monuments to foreign wealth and all but the wealthiest have been priced out of the central London property market.

A collective of young people come together with Hatch Row housing co-operative, a row of dilapidated 70s terraces which sits just to the north of Waterloo East station in Lambeth. The people bring the investment for much needed refurbishment and Hatch Row co-op provides the land.

The difficult infill site is overshadowed by the railway viaduct to the South, and close neighbours to the north. The proposal revives the historic use of the site by creating a timber workshop; but instead of manufacturing bent timber carriage wheels, the workshop will use CNC machines to create digitally designed building panels and other products.

The workshop acts as a podium and factory for the production of two levels of housing which grow above it, easily assembled and manoeuvred by the residents. The result is a highly flexible arrangement of units for those needing a step up on to the London property market.

After retrofitting extensions to the adjacent Hatch Row houses, the workshop begins manufacturing panels for other developments throughout the city - acting as a catalyst for urban infill, not merely constructing housing in London, but creating homes for Londoners.

Matt Fallowfield-Cooper

Mr David Bass
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