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Part 2 Project 2014
Petar Sazdanovic
University of Belgrade Belgrade Serbia
The research pertains to the area of the Belgrade fortress. The area in which today's Belgrade is found has continually been a settlement for the last seven millennia. In that time, every civilization that inhabited this area had left a spiritual imprint and physical remains. One characteristic all those civilizations shared is the negligence of the heritage they came upon. This negligence is the reason why the Belgrade fortress consists of layers. Therefore, we must percieve the Belgrade fortress as full and layered, and not as a shell that only exists on the surface.

When intervening, it is necessary to view the historical aspect as the dominant one. The idea is to display the aspect so that it would show the physical fullness and layers of the fortress - a city beneath a city.

The proposed solution refers to the area of the Lower city of the fortress. Namely, the first layer of the archaeological findings lies 8 meters beneath ground level, whereas some parts were insufficiently explored. The proposed architectural solution should function as a tool used to display the layers of the fortress, thus showing essence. This tool would be composed of three elements, pedon, probe (terms borrowed from soil sciences) and the ramp. The pedon represents the excavation necessary for the archaeological layers to be exposed. The 18th century arsenal and barracks, the precise position of which is known, represent the necessary condition for the excavation not to be pointless. Every object of archaeological value that is accidentally found during the excavations represents additional quality. Physically, the pedon is represented by a concrete hull, which is also protection from the groundwater. The second tool element, the probe, is physically represented by a steel rail whose function is exploration and exposure of the pedon i.e. the excavation and potential archaeological findings. The complex, aside from the museum exhibition, includes accommodation facilities, the laboratories and research facilities. The ramp represents the connection between the other two elements and is coupled with strong direction starting at the Upper city of the fortress and ending at the Sava river bank.

Petar Sazdanovic


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