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Horizons of Chaos

Part 1 Project 2014
Darius Narmontas
University of Central Lancashire | UK
Narrative and technology is used in the project as drivers to create a programme for exploring synthetic landscapes and architectures. For the first stage Dante’s “Inferno” is simulated as a remote site using Dore’s engravings of the demon wing, fallen angels, khymeras. This is used as a computed tool to create models for the cantos. The first drawings are constructed using line drawings of derelict objects and structures. The constructed models are of a power station and a biofuel reactor system. The first part of the programme investigates energy sources and landscape geologies reviewing fractals from mineralogical samples as infinite spaces. The site in Holy Island is granite. The fractal geometries of stone are expanded to reveal interior architectures of the site as a virtual micro site of Gothic terrain. Some of these are manipulated to create perspective details of possible fractal Gothic interiors. The ornamental and decorative conditions of virtual programme fractal aesthetics are developed as materials for the detailing of the project as rhizomatic architecture.

Stage two is reassembling derelict element of industrial oil refinery architecture fused with fractal detailing to form a new self-sustaining micro city.

Darius Narmontas


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